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Lighthouse and tidal pool

The lighthouse is Stafnesviti (“viti” is Icelandic for “lighthouse”, so I suppose I’m being redundant. The lighthouse is certainly not redundant, given the number of shipwrecks along the west edge of the Reykjanes peninsula (redundant again because “nes” means peninsula). To continue my linguistic trend, I guess I should show a picture of the “big Rio Grande river”.

Lighthouse and Boat

I´m finally making some progress developing the photos from Iceland. This one was taken at Garðskagi near the northwest tip of Reykjanes, the peninsula containing Reykjavik and the Keflavik International Airport. Note the cloudless sky. It was over two weeks before I saw another cloudless sky. No complaints. Cloudy skies make more dramatic photographs.

Lava Falls (Hraunfossar)

Hraunfossar, Iceland. Hraunfossar loosely translates as “lava falls.” If you want waterfalls in bulk, this is the place. I lost count. Making this image required 77 separate shots: 7 at different exposures for each of 11 horizontal positions. I have an idea that I’ll be tinkering with this one for months to come.

It’s all in the viewpoint

How things look depends on where you stand. From this viewpoint the Flatiron Building in NYC looks like a cylindrical tower. While taking this picture I gained an insight into the politeness of New Yorkers. My camera was on a tripod and not a single pedestrian walked in front of the camera even though avoiding doing so took them out of their way. I love it when a negative stereotype dies.