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2017 RMOWP Photography Awards

We are so pleased to announce that Bill is a 2017 RMOWP photography awards winner.  He won three Firsts, two Seconds, and three Thirds in the annual photography contest at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers conference in Sierra Vista, Arizona. In addition, he also got seven honorable mentions. Yay! To see all the winners, go to the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers website.

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Landscapes Unseen

This series of photomicrographs, called Landscapes Unseen,  presents images too small to see with the unaided eye. To produce these images, ordinary household substances that you might find in your medicine cabinet, kitchen, or garden shed are dissolved in water and smeared on a microscope slide.

Landscapes Unseen encompasses several collections, three of which are finished and ready to show to you—Zen Garden, Mountains & Deserts, and Belua Mirabilis. We hope you enjoy these scenes from the microscopic world. Continue reading Landscapes Unseen

Churches in Iceland (print version)

There’s more to Iceland than geysers, waterfalls, mountains, and stunning seascapes. Churches in Iceland is a collections of Icelandic church photographs taken throughout the country. Along with the photographs, the book touches on architecture, history, and geology. It reveals the charm and warmth of many of these unique structures.

Churches in Iceland, a print book available from Blurb. It contains Icelandic Church photographs.
Churches in Iceland, a print book available from Blurb.

Our book is available through Blurb. It is 73 pages of colorful goodness we hope you will enjoy! Included with each church are photographs, a short description of the church’s history, pointers to interesting sites nearby, and a map locating the church with GPS coordinates.

Appendices offer short articles about the history of Christianity in Iceland, a primer on naming conventions for Icelanders, and a “cheat sheet” on how to interpret Icelandic place names.

Want to take a quick look at it now? Here is a preview.