This is a view of Vista House at Crown Point taken from Chanticleer Point, also known as the Portland Women's Forum Viewpoint, along the Columbia River gorge off Historic Columbia River Highway.

Columbia River Gorge Scenes

Heading east along the Historic Columbia River Highway (old US 30), you travel through the magnificent Columbia River Gorge. This winding, narrow, and hilly road takes you by Architectural and natural wonders.

What to see in the Columbia River Gorge

Starting at Chanticleer Point, also known as the Portland Women’s Forum Viewpoint, we looked east up the Columbia River and enjoyed a lovely view of Vista House on Crown Point.  From this viewpoint, we also saw the basalt cliffs that rise up to 4000 feet above the river.

After a stop at Vista House, we passed multiple waterfalls. The most notable were Latourelle, Bridal Veil, Multnomah, and Horsetail Falls. There are many more falls to explore, if you have the time and love to hike.

We ended are traverse of the Columbia River Gorge at Rowena Crest Viewpoint. In addition to a final view of the Columbia River, we saw the loopy s-curves of Historice Highway 30.

Here are some photographs of some iconic scenes:

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