- Ferrofluid abstract photographs

Ferrofluid Abstract Photographs

Some artists use paint brushes; others use magnets. Magnets? Yep. Magnets can create abstract, other-worldly scenes, which I call Magnetic Worlds – Ferrofluid Abstract Photographs.

Ferrofluid abstract photographs

Here is a gallery of photographs showing the results of my experiments:

What is ferrofluid?

In short, ferrofluid, sometimes called ferro-magnetic fluid, is a liquid that responds to magnets and magnetic fields. It is made up of extremely fine ferro-magnetic particles (like nano-sized iron filings), coated with a soap-like material called a surfactant, and suspended in a mineral oil liquid base.

How are these abstracts made?

I start by pouring a healthy blob of ferrofluid into a petri dish. I then shove a neodymium magnet below the dish to produce a shape like a shiny turtle with a spiky shell. Interesting in a high school science class, but not art. So, in go other liquids, such as milk, food coloring, acrylic paints, glycerine, and fluorescein dye. I then move the magnet around the bottom of the dish to draw out patterns in the ferrofluid. With a DSLR, I shoot downward to record these impossible-to-recreate scenes.

Purchasing our photographs

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