View through Lower Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon just east of Page, Arizona.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Located on Navajo land, east of Page, Arizona, just south of Glen Canyon Recreation Area, Lower Antelope Canyon is a winding slot-canyon sculpted by eons of flash floods through petrified sand dunes.

Lower Antelope Canyon Photographs

These photos were taken over a 5-hour period in early February.

Lower Antelope Canyon Geology

The sinuous and flowing walls of the canyon reveal ancient Navajo sandstone that is the remnant of an extensive dune field, much like the Sahara desert in Africa, that covered a large part of today’s southwestern United States over 178 million years ago.

The textures and colors of Antelope Canyon are the result of several processes. Winds blew the dune sand into delicate layers and lenses. Groundwater intensified the colors and patterns as the dune field was buried, compressed, and turned to stone.

Erosion and wind carved a snaking slot through the layers and let in the sunlight that brings Antelope Canyon to life and beckons visitors to explore its divine architecture.

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