My blog

On this site, you will find my photography blog, which is unashamedly ego-centric. It is for people like me: passionate amateurs and beginning professionals who know the basics and want to apply them fully. Go directly to my blog.

It is for busy photographers concerned with both the results they achieve and their efficiency in achieving them.

I promise to keep it practical. I’ll offer tips, techniques, and tutorials. I will include theory only when I have proven to myself that it translated directly into better photographs.

I also promise that no more then 10% of this blog will be about Photoshop and other computer tools.
I will strive to make my advice concise, credible, and clear.

I’m still learning photography and expect to do so for the rest of my life. I’ll share what I have learned and tested.

  • 2017 Denver Audubon Society First Prize winner 2017 First Prize in Share the View Contest - William Horton is a 2017 Denver Audubon Society First Prize winner in the Share the View International Nature Photography Contest. 
  • Sunrise view from Fairlyland Point in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. This photo is part of the Garden Variety Photo Exhibition 2017 – The Garden Variety Photo Exhibition - Two of William’s photographs are part of The Garden Variety Photo Exhibition. This show is sponsored by First Light Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky, and will benefit Waterfront Botanical Gardens.
  • A flock of Greater Sandhill Cranes fly over a pond just outside of Bosque del Apache, near Socorro, New Mexico. 2017 – Darkroom Gallery Exhibition Multiples - One of William Horton’s photographs, taken in Bosque del Apache, New Mexico, has been chosen to be part of the Darkroom Gallery Exhibition Multiples. The exhibition opens September 14th in Essex Junction, Vermont; and,  it will run through October 8th. So, if you are in the area, please stop by and take a look.