Sugar-coated candy is dissolving in water. In the dissolving candy abstracts portfolio.

Dissolving Candy Abstracts

These dissolving candy abstracts look like galaxies and nebulas in a far-away universe. Who knew there were other uses for sugar-coated candies besides eating them? 

What’s Happening Here?

As an experiment, I placed a sugar-coated candy in a black dish filled with 7º C  water. Then, I photographed what happened.

For each additional experiment, I varied one or more of the parameters. I used different brands and colors of candies, tipped the dish slightly, added additional chemicals like wetting agents or glycerine, and built obstacles using hot glue. The results ranged from mildly interesting to extremely surprising and beautiful.

Here is a time-lapse video of one experiment where I dissolved a yellow sugar-coated candy in 17º C water.

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