Mandala in color made from slices of a soap bubble. - Photographic Mandalas portfolio

Photographic Mandalas

Creating photographic mandalas is an ongoing project of mine. They consist of repeating patterns arranged about a central point. These patterns are derived from many photographic sources, such as smoke, bubbles, colored milk, LED lights, and objects from nature.

Portfolio of photographic mandalas

Here is a gallery of recent mandalas. I have included both full-color versions and black-and-white versions. Because they are round, the square aspect ration seems to be the most pleasing. I hop you like them!

Purchasing our photos

You can purchase a license or print of almost all our photographs, including these. Just contact us using the form to the right and we will do our best to meet your needs. Here is more information about the costs involved with our fine art prints,

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