The Rio Grande Gorge at sunset taken from near the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge outside of Taos, New Mexico.

Rio Grande Gorge – Taos

One of the places to visit when you are in Taos is the park around the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge—especially at sunrise. It is sometimes called just the Gorge Bridge, or the High Bridge (to distinguish it from the Low Bridge). Whatever it is called, it is the second highest bridge within the US Highway system.

Photographs of the Rio Grande Gorge

These photographs were taken at dawn, near the end of July.

Where is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge located?

The park is located about six miles west of the Taos Regional Airport on US Highway 64, at a rest area.  It is technically within the municipality of El Prado, New Mexico.

Once you cross the bridge, going west, you will see the entrance to the rest area on the left. There is ample parking, numerous picnic tables, and several nature trails to enjoy.

When is the best time to shoot?

In our many visits to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, we have found sunrise to be the most productive time. Try to arrive well before dawn (about 5:30 AM on 7/27) and stay until about 6:30 AM.

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