Project Pricing

Our rates depend upon the scope of the project. Factors I take into consideration when preparing quotes include:

  • How large is the structure?
    The size of the structure will affect the time and equipment needed for the photo shoot.
  • How many rooms will be photographed?
    Only certain rooms may need to be photographed. We will need a detailed list of rooms and specific features to include.
  • Will the rooms be furnished or empty?
    Empty rooms are much easier to photograph than furnished rooms. They require no arranging or additional dressing.  Furnished rooms, on the other hand, must be cleaned and simplified to ensure furnishings do not distract from the features of the room — unless the furnishings are the focus of the photo.
  • Will exterior photos be needed?  Exterior shots are affected by the time of day and weather conditions. We have found that the best times of day are sunrise and sunset. The warm light enhances most structures provides contrast to the interior lighting.  We normally try to take photos at both times of day.
  • How will the photographs be used? Photographs that will appear in print media – either magazines or marketing material – need to be very high resolution and will require sophisticated editing. Photos to be used on a Web site are normally smaller in size and resolution, and they require less post-production processing.
  • Is the shooting schedule flexible? Schedule becomes most important when photographing exterior views. We need to wait for favorable weather and have access to the property at both dusk and dawn.
  • How far must we travel? We do not charge for travel within 50 miles of Boulder, Colorado. For distances farther than that, we will provide an estimate.

Pricing example

We recently completed a photo shoot  of a one-story, 2000 sq. ft., six-room furnished office, less than 50 miles from Boulder. The photos were needed for a Web portfolio and included both interior and exterior shots. The fee for our services was $600.00 and included a DVD with all the photos in a format ready to drop into online brochures, Web sites, other web-based media. The shoot was done with no disruption to work at the site.

For Realtors

We have a special arrangement for real estate brokers. Don’t pay us until the property is sold. Once we agree on a price to photograph your property, we will invoice you after closing. If you do not use any of the photos in your marketing efforts, you pay us nothing.

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