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William Horton of William Horton Photography specializes in fine art, landscapes and nature, architecture, and classic cars. On this site, you can view  portfolios, keep up with the latest news, and learn more about our services. Make yourself at home!


  • Overlapping sheets of plastic sheets were sprinkled with dots cut from the plastic. Then the composition was photographed through an upper and lower polarizing filter. This is part of my Garbography Series. Garbography: Valuing the Discarded - The series Garbography: Valuing the Discarded reverses the value of objects. By using discarded materials to refract and modify light, I find surprising shapes, tones, and colors.
  • In the English countryside stands this stately grouping of trees in a field along the A30 spur road in Devonshire, England. English Countryside Photographs - English Countryside Photographs is a collection of architectural and landscape photographs I took while traveling from London, through the Cotswolds, down to Cornwall.
  • This is a close-up view of a ringed planet atop the Star Dome, aka the London Planetarium, in Marylebone Road, London, England. London Looking Up: Architectural Photos - London Looking Up is a photographic record of my journey around central London. Why the title Looking Up, you ask? Because, all I could see looking ahead and side to side was a mass of people: individual tourists, tour groups, workers, and shoppers. By looking up, above the heads of the crowd, I saw fascinating … Continue reading London Looking Up: Architectural Photos
  • This is a close-up of the More London Building on More London Riverside between London and Tower Bridges. This image is part of our London architectural abstracts portfolio. London Architectural Abstracts - London is an architectural mash-up of ancient and futuristic. It is a cacophony of competing visual forms that is overwhelming to behold. So, in this collection, London Architectural Abstracts, I attempt to filter this architectural dissonance and concentrate on individual patterns.
  • A view looking up at some of the tent-like formation eroded out of layers of ash, pumice, and tuff deposited by the eruptions of the Jemez volcanic field at Kashe-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. Kasha-Katuwe Photographs - Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is a fantasy land for photographers. This is because hundreds of beautiful white and pink hoodoos appear to be marching out of the rock face. And, amongst these hoodoos runs a trail that provides breath-taking views in every direction.
  • The cliffs and hills along the Rio Grande gorge in Wild Rivers Recreation Area are tinged orange and yellow by the setting sun. Wild Rivers Recreation Area Photos - We often stop and camp at Wild Rivers Recreation Area whenever we head to Taos . Because Wild Rivers encompasses the confluence of the Red and Rio Grande Rivers, it always has something to offer the photographer.
  • A view through the arched gateway at El Santuario de Chimayó. This Spanish Colonial-style church was built in 1816 and is considered the most popular Catholic pilgrimage shrine in the U.S. The santuario is located in Chimayo, New Mexico. This mission is located along the High Road to Taos. Photos from the High Road to Taos - Photos from the High Road to Taos features historic Spanish missions, pueblos, and other attractions between Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico. It is by no means a catalog of every attraction along the route. It is simply a collection of our favorite stops along the way.
  • Three skeletonized Ficus Religiosa leaves overlapped to make a trefoil on a white background. This is part of the Botanical Portraits project. Botanical Portraits of Flowers & Dried Plants - This new collection of botanical portraits by William Horton is reminiscent of very old illustrations of plants found in textbooks and scientific journals.
  • Swirling Paint Abstracts - Abstract patterns made by mixing acrylic paints and fluorescent paint with oil and silicone, then photographing the results. In the collection Colorful Abstract Close-ups. Swirling Paint Abstracts - I have been having some fun in my studio creating swirling paint abstracts. What exactly are they, you might ask? Well, I’ve been mixing acrylic paints, water-based inks, various flow mediums, silicone, and oil in large enameled trays. Once I have a pleasing pattern, I photograph it. The resulting images look like jasper, primordial ooze, … Continue reading Swirling Paint Abstracts
  • Partly cloudy skies cause interesting patterns of light and shadow on the sand dunes at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve near Alamosa, Colorado. Sand Dune Abstract Photographs - Sand dune abstract photographs A variety of landscapes are found at The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, east of Alamosa, Colorado, in the San Luis Valley. The park boasts the tallest dunes in North America, as well as a diverse collection of grasslands, wetlands, conifer and aspen forests, alpine lakes, and tundra. But on my … Continue reading Sand Dune Abstract Photographs

  • High-key Architectural Photos in ArtAscent - Two of Bill’s high-key architectural photos appear in the August 2019 issue of ArtAscent Journal: WHITE. ArtAscent is an art and literature digital/print publication. Yay! You can preview or purchase this issue at MagCloud.
  • 2019 Field Work: Landscape and Architecture - One of Bill’s photographs is part of the 2019 Field Work: Landscape and Architecture exhibition at Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Yay! The selected photo is “Facades.”
  • Three Abstract PHOTOS IN ARTASCENT JOURNAL - Three of Bill’s abstract photographs appear in the June 2019 issue of ArtAscent Journal: ABSTRACT. ArtAscent is an art and literature digital/print publication. Yay! You can preview or purchase this issue at MagCloud.
  • Museum Uses Our Grand Canyon Photo - The Brazos Valley Natural History Museum is using our Grand Canyon photo, Sunset at Maricopa Point, to promote their upcoming exhibition about geology. The name of the show is Rocks: Earth’s Majestic Building Blocks.
  • 2019 Black Box Gallery Taking Pictures Show - One of Bill’s photographs is part of the 2019 Taking Pictures exhibition at Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Yay! The selected photo is “1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville at the Sand Dunes.”
  • 2019 – DARKROOM GALLERY EXHIBITION WET - One of William Horton’s photographs, entitled “Safe Harbor,” is part of the Darkroom Gallery Exhibition WET. So, if you are in the area, please stop by and take a look.
  • 2019 – Reflections in Lake San Cristobal in Black Box Show - One of Bill’s photographs is part of the Focus: Landscape and Architecture exhibition at Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Yay! The selected photo is “Reflections in Lake San Cristobal.”
  • Two Photos in ArtAscent Journal - Two of Bill’s abstract photographs are included in the December 2018 issue of ArtAscent, an art and literature journal. Yay! You can preview or purchase this issue at MagCloud. The organizing theme of this issue was the color YELLOW.
  • 2018 Seeing in Sixes - 2018 Seeing in SIXES features six works from William Horton’s Mandala Project. This new LensWork publication showcases the projects of fifty artists. And, each project contains exactly six photographs in a 6-page spread.
  • 2018 RMOWP Photography Awards -  The 2018 RMOWP Photography Awards banquet was held in Alamosa, Colorado, on September 26th. We are so pleased to announce that Bill was awarded five Firsts, two Seconds, and three Thirds in this annual photography contest. In addition, he also received four honorable mentions. Yay!