A view of Devils Tower from a field to the north of Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming.

Devils Tower National Monument

You will not forget the first time you see Devils Tower.  Approaching from the south on Highway 24, the tower suddendly appears from the top of the last rise in the road. It is a solitary sentinel on the rolling plains surrounding the Black Hills, near the Belle Fourche River. It is easy to understand why Theodore Roosevelt established Devils Tower National Monument as our nation’s first national monument.

Photographs from Devils Tower National Monument

Where to photograph Devils Tower

There are several trails around the tower that offers opportunities for detail shots. These trails are accessible by taking Highway 110  from Highway 24 around the tower to the Visitor’s Center parking lot. You will see trailheads for the Tower Trail and the Red Beds Trail. Here is more information about the various trails by the National Park Service.

Devils Tower National Monument is America’s first National Monument. President Theodore Roosevelt established the monument in 1906.

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