Your Project

For your automotive photo project, I can create images and products to sell,  promote, and document a single car or entire collection.

What types of photographs do I take?

I can capture photographs to meet various goals, such as:

  • Make objective, technical shots to promote sales of a vehicle. These shots make the car look as good as ethically possible and would be suitable for eBay.
  • Make beauty shots to highlight the styling, muscle, authenticity, or uniqueness that makes your car so valuable.
  • Make special-effects photographs, such as high dynamic range (HDR) photos, X-ray vision photos, tracking motion shots, and more.
  • Write and illustrate articles suitable for publication in trade journals and magazines.

What will you receive?

You will receive a complete set of digital images delivered in electronic form, ready to drop into online brochures, Web sites, and other Web-based media. If the photos are to be used in a print publication, we will prepare a high-resolution file  for each of the chosen photos. Additional fees may apply. Learn more about our products.

How can you engage my services?

If you want to discuss a project, just call or use the contact form to the right. If I’m out in the field, you may get to talk to my business manager, Kit Horton. Don’t worry, she’s smarter, prettier, and lots of fun to talk to on the phone.