Crested Butte Wildflowers

Every July, Crested Butte wildflowers take center stage in the Elk Mountains of Colorado. Self-styled as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado, the area around Crested Butte is a “can’t miss” destination for photographers and wildflower lovers.

Photographs of Crested Butte wildflowers

Radiating from Crested Butte are roads, Jeep tracks, and hiking trails. And, it is along each of these roads and trails, visitors will see breathtaking displays of wildflowers. Here is a taste of what you can see along several of these routes:

Where to find the wildflowers

One of the best places to look for information about peak seasons for many popular trails is the Crested Butte Wildflower Guide. And, this guide is kept fairly up-to-date during wildflower season.

To learn more about the various auto and Jeep roads, take a look at Crested Butte Scenic Drives. It concentrates on fall and winter trips, but these routes are equally rewarding in the summer. The best roads are:

  • Gothic Road
  • Brush Creek Road
  • Ohio Pass Road
  • Pearl Pass Road
  • Washington Gulch Road

Other Colorado wildflower locations

The Crested Butte area is not alone when it comes to spectacular summertime displays. Check out this post on wildflowers in the San Juan Mountains near Ridgway, Colorado.

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