Microscopic crystals of urea and Epson salt at 10X. Part of the photomicrographs of crystals portfolio.

Photomicrographs of Crystals

On cold, snowy, or stormy days, I like to work in my studio and create photomicrographs of crystals. I prepare slides of common household chemicals and photograph them using my microscope and Omax camera. 

Portfolio photomicrographs of crystals

The chemicals I use include aspirin, caffeine, borax, Epson salt, salicylic acid (think wart remover), tartaric acid, urea, and others. I dissolve these chemicals in various liquids, such as isopropyl alcohol, clear nail varnish, or distilled water. Here is a portfolio of some of my favorite photomicrographs of crystals of household chemicals:

Special collections of photomicrographs

The portfolio featured in this post is an overview of my favorite photomicrographs. In the following posts, I showcase photomicroscopy collections that are united by a specific themes.

Zen Garden Collection
Belua Mirabilis Collection
Mountains & Deserts Collection

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