Snake River Waterfalls near Twin Falls

Twin Falls’ Snake River Waterfalls are spectacular in the late spring and early summer. My favorite waterfalls are Caldron Linn and Shoshone Falls. They pound with power from snow melt that comes out of the Rocky Mountains.

Photos of the Snake River waterfalls near Twin Falls

I took these photographs in the early morning and late afternoon of May 14, 2017.  On this date, the amount of water flowing down the Snake River through Twin Falls was more than 18,000 cubic feet per second. This historic flow created the biggest water show in 20 years at Shoshone Falls and at Caldron Linn. In mid-September, as I write this, the flow over Shoshone Falls is 443 cubic-feet per second.

Learn more about Twin Falls’ waterfalls

Here are some links to additional information about Caldron Linn, Shoshone, and Perrine Coulee falls.

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