Iceland’s Waterfalls

Iceland’s waterfalls are ubiquitous. During a month-long photoshoot in Iceland, we visited numerous waterfalls. Some of these falls we planned to photograph. Others we stumbled upon by accident. All, however, were stunningly beautiful.

Photographs of Iceland’s waterfalls

We have arranged our photographs in the order we encountered each waterfall. We started our travels in Grindivik and headed around the island counter-clockwise.

This portfolio is not an exhaustive study of Iceland’s waterfalls. We never visited the Westfjords or drove into the highlands. So, we are missing many notable waterfalls. We hope, however, you enjoy these photographs and are inspired to make you own visit to Iceland.

Other photographs from Iceland

Here are some of our other portfolios from our Icelandic photo shoot:


More information about Iceland’s waterfalls

Some sources, such as, suggest there may be 10,000 waterfalls throughout the country–many of which are unnamed. That number does seem high. However, in the spring, there is a great deal of runoff from melting snow. This runoff forms ad hoc waterfalls that are seasonal. More permanent waterfalls, on the other hand, are fed by over 200 glaciers and ice caps located in the highlands. One of the best sources for more information is the World Waterfall Database. It lists 918 named falls.

Traveling around Iceland

We rented a motorhome and roughly followed the Ring Road (Route 1) all around Iceland. We made excusions off the main road when we could. However, we could not travel on F roads in the motorhome. Those roads are very narrow and may require 4-wheel drive. Still, driving a motorhome and staying in one of the conveniently-located campgrounds was a very cost-effective way to see and experience Iceland.

Purchasing our Photos

All of our waterfall photos are available as fine art prints. Use the contact form to the right to get more information. Or, go to our Fine Art Print page to learn about various pricing options.