Aspen Area Fall Landscapes

When people think of fall colors, more often than not they think of the blazing maples and oaks of New England. Well, let me tell you something. Fall in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado can give New England a run for its money—especially around Aspen, Colorado. Here are some photos from my September trip to Aspen. I call it my Aspen Area Fall Landscapes Portfolio.

Shooting locations for my Aspen area fall landscapes

In the September and October, almost any direction you look will reward you with  stunning scenes. However, I do have my favorite shooting locations.

Maroon Bells Scenic Area

The Maroon Bells reflected in Maroon Lake is one of the most iconic scenes in Colorado. Because of its beauty and, hence, its popularity, capturing your version of this scene will require some advance planning. Here are some dawn and sunset photographs of this very popular scene.

Access to this area is restricted during summer and fall. If you are not planning to camp in one of three campgrounds, go to the Aspen Chamber of Commerce site to get the latest information on bus service and parking options.

If you can drive your own vehicle along Maroon Creek Road, be sure to stop frequently at the available pull-offs. There’s lots to see and photograph!

Ashcroft Ghost Town

Located about ten miles south of Aspen is Ashcroft Ghost Town. Nine old, very photogenic, buildings still remain, providing an insight to life in the late 1800s. Here are some photographs of Ashcroft taken over several days.

This is some information about the site from the Aspen Historical Society.

Crystal Mill Powerhouse

Be sure to take a side trip to the old Crystal Mill powerhouse, sometimes called Crystal Mill,  along the Crystal River near Marble, Colorado. Here are some photos from our Crystal Mill adventure.

As the crow flies, the powerhouse is just on the other side of the Maroon Bells. However, if you are not a crow, you will drive northwest to Carbondale and then south to Marble on CO 133. From Marble, take County Road 3 for about 5 miles to the powerhouse.

The road from Marble to the powerhouse requires a high-clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicle. Along this rugged road, you will need to negotiate potholes, a blind hill, and a talus field. But your perseverance will be rewarded by a breathtaking view of the bounding Crystal River, presided over by one of the most photographed buildings in Colorado—the Crystal Mill powerhouse. This article in the Colorado Encyclopedia has a lot more information about this historic site.

Around Redstone

Redstone is an historic village about 17 miles south of Carbondale on CO-133. It is most famous for Redstone Castle. The castle, just south of Redstone, is a large timber-framed mansion open for lodging, weddings, and tours. However, the reason we visited this village is because of the famous beehive coke ovens. Here are some photos.

County roads near Aspen

Heading out of Aspen and Snowmass are several scenic county roads you should explore. They include Capitol Creek Road, W. Sopris Creek Road, Kebler Pass, and Snowmass Creek Road. Here are some photos we took along these various roads.

More Rocky Mountain fall landsapes

Here are some more photographs of fall scenes in the Rocky Mountains: Fall Landscapes of the San Juan Mountains.

Purchasing our photographs

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