The Gadsden Hotel—an Architectural Gem in Arizona for Photographers

The Gadsden Hotel is a large, nondescript, tan brick building in downtown Douglas, Arizona. It is boring and plain looking—but just on the outside. Once you enter the front doors, you are transported into a world of opulence and grandeur.

The exterior of Hotel Gadsden located in Douglas, Arizona.
The exterior of Hotel Gadsden located in Douglas, Arizona.

This is the effect the Gadsden Hotel has on everyone who visits her. And, it is this contrast between plain and baroque that attracts photographers visiting from all over the world.

Photographs of the Gadsden Hotel Lobby

These photographs were taken between 7AM and 2PM on a sunny spring day.

Learn more about the hotel

Besides the ubiquitous Wikipedia article, here is more information about the historic hotel:

The first place to go to learn more is the Gadsden Hotel’s Website. It provides a clear and succinct history of this grand old lady.

Here is a 1995 article about the hotel in the LA Times.

Other photogenic sites near the Gadsden Hotel

White you are in the neighborhood, make a side trip to Chiricahua National Monument.  And, if you go a little farther east and north, you can take in City of Rocks State Park and Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.

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