Arizona Spring Wildflowers along the Apache Trail

Spring is a time of renewal in the Sonoran Desert. Evidence of this renewal is the profusion of Arizona spring wildflowers, along the Apache Trail,  that create carpets of color beneath the tall Saguaro cacti.

Photographing Arizona Spring Wildflowers

For photographing Sonoran Desert wildflowers, one of the best roads to take is the Apache Trail. The trail, also known as ZA 88, starts in Apache Junction and heads northeast to Theodore Roosevelt Lake and the junction with ZA 188.

During some years, there is more rain during the winter months. And, as a result, there are more wildflowers. With all the color, it is hard to believe you are in the desert. Here is a gallery of photos taken during early March along the Apache Trail.

Resources for Identifying Arizona Wildflowers

We had some difficulty in identifying some of the plants we photographed. So, there was a lot of googling! During the process, we found several wildflower sites that proved helpful with identification. Here are several:

Desert USA – Desert Wildflower Field Guide
Arizona Wildflowers
The American Southwest – Wildflowers of Western USA

More Photos along the Apache Trail

Are you interested in seeing more photographs of the landscape along the Apache Trail? Then, please take a look at this post, which highlights such areas, as the Roosevelt Lake Bridge, and Dam, Reavis Ranch Trailhead Road, Fish Creek Canyon, and the Superstition Mountains. If you want to follow our route, here’s a link to a tourist map of the area from the Arizona Hikers Guide website.

Purchasing our photographs

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