Photographs of San Juan Mountain Mining Ruins

Mining ruins are scattered throughout the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. You can find them along major roads like the Million Dollar Highway (US 550) and along high mountains Jeep roads. Below is a portfolio of photographs of San Juan Mountain mining ruins.

Other photographs taken in the San Juan Mountains

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San Juan Mountain mining ruins portfolio

Taking care as you explore

It is important to remember that mining ruins are RUINS. The buildings are falling down and the ground beneath them is riddled with mining shafts and adits. So, it is important that you take care when trying to photograph them.

Furthermore, many of these ruins are on private land where active claims are still being mined. Ask permission before exploring any private property.

Identifying the mining ruins

Identifying some of the mining ruins featured in our photographs, especially around the Yankee Girl Mine, was difficult. We did our best, but there are no guarantees that we are 100% correct.

Purchasing our photographs

You can license our photographs or purchase prints. Just use the contact form to the right and tell us what you need. We will try our best to accommodate you.

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