City of Rocks National Reserve

If you tell someone you are going to visit City of Rocks, you need to be sure and tell them which state: New Mexico or Idaho. For this trip, we went to Idaho’s City of Rocks National Reserve near Almo, Idaho.

The erosion of granite from the Almo Pluton accounts for most of the spires and pinnacles, bread loaves, and other distinctive formations in City of Rocks. The Almo Pluton is a large mass of slowly-cooled granitic rock . It intruded into the much older Green Creek Complex about 28 million years ago.  A few granite spires in the park, however, are remnants of this ancient Green Creek Complex. This granite is 2.5 billion years old and is some of the oldest rock in the United States.

Photographs from City of Rocks National Reserve

These are photos taken during our short trip to City of Rock in May 2017.

Learn more about City of Rocks

To learn more about what to do while at City of Rocks National Reserve, go to the NPS Website. For more information about the facinating geology of this area, look at these sections in the NPS Website:

Other Idaho photographs

Here are some other photographs taken in Idaho:

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