Palatki Heritage Site

If you are visiting Sedona, you need to make the trip out to the Palatki Heritage Site to view the ancient pictographs. It is about 18 miles northwest of town, on Forest Road, which is off Forest Service Road 525 (N. Loy Butte Rd.). 

Palatki Heritage Site is a Sinaguan cliff dwelling and pictograph site along Red Canyon in north-central Arizona. And, it was occupied between AD 1150 – 1350. 

Photographs from Palatiki Heritage Site

Compared to Mesa Verde and other large cliff-dwelling sites, Palatki’s ruins are meager. But, it is thought to have been home to only two clan families.

Rather than the pueblo, the real attraction of this park are the well-preserved pictographs. Some of the pictographs are as old as 2000 BCE. However, most of the pictographs are additions from the Sinagua peoples dating between 900 and 1300 CE. After the Sinagua habitation, Yavapai and Apache people moved into this area. In fact, these two groups are responsible for the pictographs dating between 1400 and 1875 CE.

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