Wild Rivers Recreation Area Photos

We often stop and camp at Wild Rivers Recreation Area whenever we head to Taos . Because Wild Rivers encompasses the confluence of the Red and Rio Grande Rivers, it always has something to offer the photographer.

Where is Wild Rivers Recreation Area?

Wild Rivers Recreation Area is north of Taos, near Questa, New Mexico. The entrance road, State Route 515, is off State Route 522 that runs between the Colorado border and north of El Prada. It is managed by the BLM and is part of the larger Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. 

Here is a map from the taos.org site that shows Wild Rivers Recreation Area within the context of the larger Rio Grande del Norte National Monument: https://taos.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/RioGrandeDelNorteNationalMonument_11x17_04182013.pdf.

Photographs from Wild Rivers Recreation Area

Because there are over 13 miles of paved road, called the Wild Rivers Backcountry Byway, there is easy access to the many scenic overviews and recreational opportunities within this area. And, it is a perfect way to begin photographing the area.

What Is Special about Wild Rivers?

Many vantage points along the scenic by-way are breathtaking. From them, you can peer into an 800-foot gorge cut by the Rio Grande and Red Rivers. Within the gorge, you can also see how the landscape changes from high desert on the rim to a lush, riparian areas in the deep gorge. And, it is this varied landscape that supports many different kinds of animal and plant life. Because this area was formed by volcanic activity, there are many interesting geologic formations, too.

Learn more about Wild Rivers

This Wikipedia article (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Rivers_Recreation_Area) provides a good overview to the Recreation Area. It also contains numerous link to additional information.

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