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Arizona Spring Wildflowers along the Apache Trail

Spring is a time of renewal in the Sonoran Desert. Evidence of this renewal is the profusion of Arizona spring wildflowers, along the apache Trail,  that create carpets of color beneath the tall Saguaro Cacti. Continue reading Arizona Spring Wildflowers along the Apache Trail

Arizona’s Apache Trail

Arizona’s Apache Trail is a scenic, mostly unpaved, road that goes from Theodore Roosevelt Lake to Apache Junction. It is officially known as AZ 88. And, it meanders through parts of the Superstition Mountains and Tonto National Forest. Continue reading Arizona’s Apache Trail

Black-and-White Photographic Mandalas

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle, the basic shape that organizes all its many forms.  For thousands of years, across dozens of cultures, mandalas have guided meditation, promoted spiritual growth, recorded the passage of time, and symbolized the cosmos. Creating these black-and-white photographic mandalas has been an ongoing project of mine.

Continue reading Black-and-White Photographic Mandalas

Dinosaur National Monument Petroglyphs

The Dinosaur National Monument petroglyphs are another reason to visit this national monument.  To see landscape photographs from the park that highlights the rivers and geologic formations, check out this portfolio. Continue reading Dinosaur National Monument Petroglyphs