Moundville Archaeological Park

Moundville Archaeological Park is south of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The park protects 326 areas along the Black Warrior River. Within Moundville are the remains of an ancient Mississippian settlement. And at its height, this settlement consisted of 29 flat-topped earthen mounds, surrounding a large central plaza.

Photographs from Moundville

I took these photos at Moundville Archaeological Park on a rainy day in 2016. So, many of my images show indoor scenes: showcasing the beautiful exhibits in the newly renovated Jones Museum.

UPDATE March 8, 2023: The University of Alabama, which oversees the park, has removed the majority of artifacts from display at the Jones Archaeological Museum.

According to the “Crimson White, a federal committee ordered The University of Alabama to return all remains and funerary objects of the Muscogee Nation found in Moundville Archaeological Park to the tribe. 

The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Review Committee made this decision after the Muscogee Nation and six other tribes petitioned for the return of about 6,000 remains of Muscogee ancestors and other sacred objects.

More about Moundville Archaeological Park

Moundville was active between 1000 and 1450 AD. In fact, after Cahokia in Illinois, Moundville is the second largest Mississippian settlement north of Mexico .

To learn more about the Mississippian Culture at Moundville, read the December 2005 University of Alabama newsletter called: Mighty, Mysterious Moundville. It provides a good overview of the current thinking about how Moundville evolved.

More photos from Alabama

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