Euonymus europaeus pink berries ripen and break open revealing a red berry inside. Located in Johnson Lake State Recreational Area, Nebraska. Nebraska's fall landscapes

Nebraska’s Fall Landscapes

Nebraska’s fall landscapes are stunning. So, we have made several trips across Nebraska in the late fall, along US 30 and through the panhandle to South Dakota.

Wagon wheel ruts travers the width of Nebraska, memorializing the journeys made by pioneers on the Mormon and Oregon Trails. And, along these trails, you can see landmarks that served as signposts during the great western expansion.

Photos of Nebraska’s fall landscapes

Some of these photos show scenes along US 30, while other photos feature Scotts Bluff National Monument and Fort Robinson State Park.

More information about Nebraska’s pioneer past

Search the Web to find more information about Nebraska’s pioneer past. One article that will pop up is by the National Geographic Society at

Another resource you should look at is from the National Park Service. It is an interactive map of the Mormon Trail at

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