Bisbee—A Quirky Subject for Photographers

Bisbee, Arizona is a mining town in Tombstone Canyon in the Mule Mountains. And, it is a quirky subject for photographers.

Like many mountain towns, Bisbee has grown up the sides of the canyon walls. But what makes Bisbee unique, however, are the many stairsways that connect the commercial district with these hillside residential streets. Plus, it has some fine examples of Victorian and Art Deco architecture.

To help plan your visit, here is a link to the Bisbee Travel and Vacation Guide:

Photographs of quirky Bisbee, Arizona

Tips for photographing Bisbee

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your visit to Bisbee, Arizona.

Stay in Bisbee

Plan to stay at least a night in Bisbee so that you will have the late afternoon, evening, and early morning to shoot. Everything looks better during the golden hours.

There are a number of accommodations in Bisbee, so finding a spot shouldn’t be too hard. Also, there is a great little RV park right in town overlooking the Lavender Pit Copper Mine.

Get some big picture shots

You can get nice wide-angle sunset shots that overlook the town from some of the nosebleed-high residential streets. Just keep in mind that it is a LONG climb up the stairs with your tripod, camera, and lenses. So, scout out locations during the day. That way you will know what equipment you will need and which of several viewpoints will be the best.

Check out the well-preserved architecture

Bisbee prides itself on its well-preserved and restored Victorian-era architecture, as well as its beautiful Art Deco courthouse. Public architecture to scout include the Copper Queen Hotel, the Central School building, the Cochise County Courthouse, various churches, and the main street itself.

Find the sweet little pictures

Bisbee’s weirdness is best captured in tightly cropped images that highlight an interesting reflection, colorful graffiti, strange juxtapositions, or interesting architectural detail.

Photograph some mining history

Along Arizona Highway 80, just east southeast of Bisbee, you can pull off the road at the Arthur Benko World War II Memorial. From this parking area, you can view the huge Lavender Pit copper mine. Yes, it really is lavender… and green, red, orange, yellow, and blue. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon are the best times to photograph this open pit mine.

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