Fantasy Canyon is Fantasical!

Fantasy Canyon is a unique geologic location near Vernal, Utah, famous for intricately weathered and eroded sandstone pillars, hoodoos, and arches. These formations reminded us of Portuguese Manueline or Gaudi-style Art Nouveau architecture.

Photographs from Fantasy Canyon

Other fantasy-type formations

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The Geology of Fantasy Canyon

Differential erosion and weathering of the softer-than-normal sandstone is the reason for these fantastic shapes in the canyon.

This sandstone formed from ancient river deposits that emptied into ancient Lake Uinta between 50 and 30 million years ago in the Eocene Era.

To learn more about the geology of the canyon, go to:

Getting to the Canyon

This miniature canyon is about 43 miles south of Vernal, Utah. Here is a link to Google Map that shows the location of Fantasy Canyon :

Before you go, please check the weather conditions. These oil service roads become muddy and slippery when it rains. So, be aware of the weather.

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