2022 – Animalia Exhibition

Two of William Horton’s photographs were chosen to be part of the A Smith Gallery animalia exhibition for 2022.

The chosen animalia exhibition photographs

As a coyote approaches from the left, this pronghorn considered whether to find another place to graze.
Bengal Tiger in repose at the Denver Zoo
Tiger Portrait

About the photographs

The first image, “Domain,” frames a lone Pronghorn buck standing on a slight grassy rise, looking into the distance. The photograph was taken in December with patchy snow on the ground and ominous low-hanging clouds.

The seond image is a portrait of a Bengal tiger. This handsome fellow was calmly surveying his surroundings, totally oblivious to our presence. We learned that his photo will appear in the Fine Art Limited Edition book called “animalia” The 27. We are honored!

About the exhibition

This online exhibition runs from July 22nd through September 1st, 2022. Here is a link to view the exhibition and purchase work: https://asmithgallery.com/exhibitions/animalia-2/

A Smith Gallery
103 N Nugent Ave.
Johnson City, TX

Here is a link to a YouTube video of Amanda Smith talking about the exhibition:

Purchasing our other photographs

If you are interested purchasing other photographs in our portfolio, they are available as fine art prints or licensed digital negatives. Use the contact form to the right to get more information. Or, go to our Fine Art Print page to learn about various pricing options.