Swirling Paint Abstracts

I have been having some fun in my studio creating swirling paint abstracts. What exactly are they, you might ask? Well, I’ve been mixing acrylic paints, water-based inks, various flow mediums, silicone, and oil in large enameled trays. Once I have a pleasing pattern, I photograph it. The resulting images look like jasper, primordial ooze, chloroplasts, protozoa, and aerial landscapes. What a trip!

Photos of swirling paint abstracts

Here is a selection of my new work. They don’t have titles or descriptions. You decide what they look like to you!

More abstract photographs from my studio

Here is another portfolio of abstract photographs. The photos in this collection rely on ferrofluid, glycerine, and a neodymium magnet to form the intricate patterns. And, acrylic paint and inks have been added for color.

For even more abstract fun, here is a gallery of dissolving sugar-coated candies in water.

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