London Looking Up: Architectural Photos

This is a close-up view of a ringed planet atop the Star Dome, aka the London Planetarium, in Marylebone Road, London, England.

London Looking Up is a photographic record of my journey around central London. Why the title Looking Up, you ask? Because, all I could see looking ahead and side to side was a mass of people: individual tourists, tour groups, workers, and shoppers. By looking up, above the heads of the crowd, I saw fascinating buildings, strange sculptures, and intricate ornamentations.

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Swirling Paint Abstracts

This is a photograph of different colored paint swirling in abstract compositions.

I have been having some fun in my studio creating swirling paint abstracts. What exactly are they, you might ask? Well, I’ve been mixing acrylic paints, water-based inks, various flow mediums, silicone, and oil in large enameled trays. Once I have a pleasing pattern, I photograph it. The resulting images look like jasper, primordial ooze, chloroplasts, protozoa, and aerial landscapes. What a trip!

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