Botanical Portraits of Flowers & Dried Plants

Making botanical portraits of flowers, seed pods, and foliage is one of our on-going projects. This new collection of photographs is reminiscent of very old illustration plates found in textbooks and scientific journals.

Colored plant portraits on white backgrounds

This first group of botanical portraits features the plants’ color and delicacy. To emphasize those traits, we photographed them on a white background. We light some of the plants from beneath, other from the top. For several specimens, we sliced through the plant to reveal its intricate interior.

Desaturated plant portraits with borders

This second group of botanical portraits features the plants’ shape and texture. To highlight those traits, we removed the color and emphasized the textures of each plant. We also tried to make the photos look more aged and hand-printed by using a border reminiscent of an emulsion print.

Other photographs of plants

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Purchasing our botanical portraits

All of our scenic and fine art photographs are available as fine art prints. Use the contact form to the right to get more information. Or, go to our Fine Art Print page to learn about various pricing options.