Project Pricing

Our automotive project pricing rates depend upon the scope of the project. Factors I take into consideration when preparing quotes include:

  • One car or several?
  • What are your goals for the photographs?
    Do you want a set of photos suitable for eBay? Do you want a coffee-table book showcasing your collection? Your goals will determine how much time is spent on positioning, lighting, and processing the photos.
  • How will the photographs be used? Photographs that will appear in print media – either magazines or marketing material – need to be very high resolution and will require sophisticated editing. Photos to be used on a Web site are normally smaller in size and resolution, and they require less post-production processing.
  • Is the shooting schedule flexible? Schedule becomes most important when photographing vehicles outdoors. We need to wait for favorable weather and suitable lighting.
  • How far must we travel? We do not charge for travel within 50 miles of Boulder, Colorado. For distances farther than that, we will provide an estimate.

Pricing example

Photographing one car for an eBay-type listing 

For this type of shoot, we take 24+ shots per car. We minimally process the photos for eBay use. That means that they are cropped, color-balanced, and minor adjustments are made.

If the cars do not run well, photos will be made in place. If the cars do run, then we will try to take the photos outdoors, weather permitting.

Such as shoot usually costs approximately $400.00.

Photographing one car for an auction catalog

An auction catalog may only allow one to four photos per listing. And, they need to be not only accurate, but pleasing to view.

We will take ten shots of the car under the best possible conditions – in a studio, if available, or outside in a location of your choice.  Because of location constraints, we may need to do considerable post-processing to remove the car from the existing background and place it in a less distracting scene. This processing does not remove flaws and other defects, but it does strive to show the car in the best possible light.

You keep all the photos and choose which ones go into the catalog.

Such a shoot usually costs approximately $900.00.

To get a quote

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