Badlands National Park Photographs

Badlands National Park is the archetypal example of badlands in the United States. Nothing dilutes the purity of these ragged erosional formations rising out of the shortgrass prairie. We were suitably impressed with the badlands we had explored in Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Makoshika State Park. But, the starkness of Badlands National Park was awe-inspiring.

Photographs from Badlands National Park

Here is a portfolio of images we took during our most recent visit to Badlands National Park:

Visiting Badlands National Park

The park has multiple units: the North Unit, the Stronghold Unit, and the Palmer Creek Unit. We visited the North Unit, entering the park at the Pinnacles Entrance near Wall, SD. Once in the park, we traveled the Badlands Loop Road through the North Unit and exited at the Northeast Entrance.

Highway 590 is a gravel road that takes you along the north rim of the Badlands Wilderness Area. It joins State Rout 44 near Scenic, SD. This road may be impassible when wet.

In addition, there is the Sheep Mountain Table Road. This road is accessible from SD Highway 27 and provides visitors with beautiful views. Many people drive in, park when the road becomes rough, and walk the rest of the way.

Other attractions in Badlands NP

Along I90, between the Pinnacles and Northeast entrances is the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. For those of us that remember how to “duck and cover,” this site reminds you of life during the Cold War. For those too young to remember, there is a decommissioned Delta-09 missile silo to peer into. In addition, there are hourly presentations about the history of this site, along with other nearby solid sites. And, if it is not too hot, there are schedule ranger tours to some of these outlying sites.

And, of course, there is Wall Drug in Wall, SD. If you are driving from any direction, signs enticing you to spend some time and money at Wall Drug start at least 100 miles away.

Learn more about Badlands National Park

The best place to start making plans to visit the park is at the National Park site: Another good way to preview your visit is to do an image search for “Badlands National Park.” Also, do a search on YouTube. People frequently post videos of their visit. True, you may need to fast-forward in some place.

More badlands photographs

We have photographed other locations with similar types of rock formations. These locations include:

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