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Crested Butte Wildflowers

Every July, Crested Butte wildflowers take center stage in the Elk Mountains of Colorado. Self-styled as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado, the area around Crested Butte is a “can’t miss” destination for photographers and wildflower lovers. Continue reading Crested Butte Wildflowers

Rio Grande Gorge – Taos

One of the places to visit when you are in Taos is the park around the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge—especially at sunrise. It is sometimes called just the Gorge Bridge, or the High Bridge (to distinguish it from the Low Bridge). Whatever it is called, it is the second highest bridge within the US Highway system. Continue reading Rio Grande Gorge – Taos

Montana Summer Landscapes

Traveling through Montana in late summer is a photographic treat. Montana Summer Landscapes include undulating wheat fields as far as the eye can see,  farms under stormy skies, magnificent waterfalls and springs, and mountains set afire by the morning light. Continue reading Montana Summer Landscapes