2018 Close Up Photography Exhibition at 1650 Gallery

One of William’s ferrofluid abstracts has been chosen to be a part of the 2018 Close Up Photography Exhibition at 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles.

2018 Close Up Photography Exhibition

Close Up opens July 7, 2018. The opening reception runs from 7:30 to 10:30 pm at 1650 Studio & Gallery, Echo Park, 1650 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026. And, the show runs through July.

To see more of the exhibition, go to the 1650Gallery site. To see more of Bill’s ferrofluid abstract, take a look at this portfolio.

About 1650 Gallery

‘History-major turned Artistic Director of 1650 Gallery Andrew Overtoom likes to call his funky Echo Park photo gallery “the Russian revolution of photography galleries.” Overtoom explains that in the Russian revolution “rank was abolished, everyone who wanted to speak got to speak, and art and democracy flourished under the power of the people — for a little while anyway!” he adds with a grin. We all know what became of those ten days that shook the world, but in terms of longevity 1650 Gallery has fared much better; it celebrates it’s 9th birthday this summer. That’s an eternity for an upstart underground gallery that mostly shows work by talented unknowns, many with no sales history whatsoever prior to showing up on 1650’s doorstep. We ask why 1650 survives while so many eastside galleries count their life span in months rather than years? “Good shows” replies Overtoom. “We show good people who make great work, and we eliminate 99% of the BS and try to make it fun.’ —from the 1650Gallery Facebook page.

Purchasing our photographs

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