2018 Seeing in SIXES features six works from William Horton’s Mandala Project. This new LensWork publication showcases the projects of fifty artists. And, each project contains exactly six photographs in a 6-page spread.

Here are the six works from Bill’s Mandala Project:

More about Seeing in SIXES

This is the third year for Seeing in SIXES. And again, it was curated by LensWork Publishing’s Brooks Jensen and Maureen Gallagher. The subject matter represented by these projects is very diverse, from microscopic closeups of chemical compounds to vast western landscapes. We are so happy that Bill’s mandalas were chosen to be displayed among this company of photographic artists.

See more mandalas

You can see more of Bill’s mandalas in black-and-white and in color:

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To get your copy, go to: lenswork.com. The cost is $34.95.