ArtAscent Features Abstract Photomicrographs

Two of Bill’s abstract photomicrographs are included in the August 2017 issue of ArtAscent, an art and literature journal. Yay! You can preview or purchase this issue at MagCloud

This issue features abstract art in all its forms. Selected works include essays, poetry, paintings, ceramics, and photographs.

The included photomicrographs

Here are the two photomicrographs included in the journal:

In Broad Strokes – photomicrograph
Ice Cave
Ice Cave – photomicrograph

About these abstract photomicrographs

These photomicrographs come from a series called Landscapes Unseen.  This series presents images too small to see with the unaided eye. Ordinary household substances that you might find in your medicine cabinet, kitchen, or garden shed are dissolved in water and smeared on a microscope slide. In this case, we used urea and Epsom salt.

Once dried, the slides are photographed with a digital camera attached to a laboratory microscope. Much of the color comes from polarized light provided by circular polarizing filters immediately below and above the sample. The resulting images are simplified, sharpened, and refined.

To purchase prints

These works can be purchased as archival prints on Hahnemuhle Satin Rag paper in various sizes. Contact us using the form to the right to discuss your needs.

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