ArtAscent Journal: Motion

Four of Bill’s photographs appear in the December 2019 issue of ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal. ArtAscent is a theme-based, juried, bi-monthly, international art magazine. It showcases exciting emerging and indie artists and writers from around the world.

Water in Motion series

Two of the photographs are from Bill’s Water in Motion series.

Water splashes along the cascade flowing through Sunrift Gorge in Glacier National Park, Montana.
Sunrift Gorge
A timed exposure of Avalanche Falls in Avalanche Gorge in Glacier National Park in Montana.
Avalanche Gorge

This study, from Glacier National Park, explores how the movement of water interacts with the surrounding rock formations. Although Glacier is a massive park,to me the closeups of glacial rivers and streams truly encapsulate the pristine beauty of the park.

Asiatic Lily study

The other two photographs are from Bill’s Asiatic Lily study. This series of photos plays with motion: smooth motion, jerky motion, and sweeping motion. In some images, the lily is recognizable. In others, the lily is merely a suggestion.

A bouquet of Asiatic lilies appear to be spinning. Only the center lily is recognizeable.
Asian Lily Study in Orange
Asian Lily Study in Blue shows a spiral view of an Asiatic lily. The whole photo has been recolored to shades of teal blue.
Asian Lily Study in Blue

This series grew from my outdoor studies of light, shadow, and wind-blown leaves. I decided to bring my techniques indoors to capture still-life arrangements in motion.