Photography Workshop in Alamogordo

Join us for a photography workshop near our newest National Park, White Sands, in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

William and Katherine Horton, along with Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers (RMOWP), will offer a 1 1/2 day photography workshop. Called Take Control of your Photographs, this workshop will make you more proficient, more artistic, and more confident.

More about the photography workshop

Starting with a photo critique to identify specific needs, this fast-paced and focussed workshop will not waste your time on things you already know. You will not fritter away instruction time driving from one location to another. Nor, will you be subjected to endless slides of the instructors’ photographs. Instead, you will engage in hands-on classroom activities and practical demonstrations targeting areas of improvement identified in photo critiques.

In addition to activities that will enhance your camera technique, you will also learn how to develop your images to bring out their potential. Working solo or in a team, you will practice editing photographs to meet various criteria, such as for use in a textbook or displayed in an art gallery.

Date and place of the workshop

When: October 4-5, 2020 – just prior to conference
Where: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Alamogordo, NM
RMOWP Member Rate: $250 including lunch both days
Non-Member Rate: $300 including lunch both days

Learn more about the photography workshop

Here is a complete description of the photography workshop. Plus, here is a link to RMOWP for more information about this organization.

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