The Encounter

What is it about tripods and animals with hooves? Something about me hunched over a tripod triggers irresistible curiosity in horses, cows, goats, deer, mules, burros, llamas, and their ilk.

Once at Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, I was trying to get a great sunrise picture when I heard a clacking sound behind me. The sound was caused by three bull elk standing about two meters behind me with their two meter racks interleaved. As they craned their heads to get a better look or smell of me, the horns banged against each other. It wasn't the rut season, so I didn't make the evening news.

Here's the photo I was trying to take when I was repeatedly nudged by the small horse.


I don't normally work with models, but how could I resist rain-washed hair, petite figure, and a nose that the ancients would carve in marble. Also, every time I stopped taking her picture she licked my lens.

And here's the resulting portrait, ready for the cover of Saddle and Blanket magazine.


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