Trite but True #11: Be patient

Taking great photographs is exciting, Time is limited. You are in a hurry. Adrenaline is flowing. Click, click, click, click, click. On to the next location! After a while I noticed a pattern: The best sunsets were the ones that occurred as I was packing up my gear-or worse, the ones I glimpsed in my rear-view mirror.

Here’s an example. The first image is the last one I took before concluding that the sunset was a dud. The second is the one that occurred just a few minutes later.

So, … take a breath, count to ten,  slow down, look around, … and attend to what you see. Be patient and wait for:

  • The sun to come out from behind that cloud.
  • The sun to behind a cloud or the mountain ridge.
  • Your model to get her makeup and hair just perfect.
  • In-camera noise-reduction processing to complete.
  • The critter to stick its head out of the burrow.
  • Your child to stop pouting and to strike an amusing pose.
  • This list to end.


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