Trite but True #8: Keep a camera with you always

I’m not expecting an alien spaceship to land in front of me today. But if it does, I’ll get the pictures – If I have a camera with me.

True, lugging along a beefy DSLR with attached GPS sensor and battery base can be a bit inconvenient. However, you always have the option of carrying a smaller point-and-shoot or just knowing how to flip on the camera in your mobile phone.

Life provides many opportunities for extraordinary photos-but without a camera, you will never capture them. Here’s a sweet little photo of the colorful rooftops of Old Quebec City where I traveled on non-photographic business.

By the way, there is another advantage to always carrying a camera. Often locals, seeing my camera, tell me of places to get good photographs: little known hiking trails, unmapped Jeep roads, or secret patches of wildflowers.

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