Variations on a Scene

variationsAs a photographer, I have shared my images with two artists who have used them as a starting point for some of their work: Sheila Peck in watercolor and Judi Schultze in pastel. Again and again Sheila and Judi amazed me with what they discovered in the scene and how beautifully they expressed their discoveries.

Though rooted in the same place and time, our separate images were each unique. I then realized that others could benefit from seeing how three artists depict the same subject through different media.

For this exhibition we call Variations on a Scene, we have selected five of my photographs to use as a starting point. Visitors to the exhibition will see these “base” photos alongside our separate interpretations. And now we are in the process of finding a gallery in which to display this show.

Here is a link to a PDF exhibition brochure about this show: Variation on a Scene.

And, here is a link to the EXHIBITION STATEMENT with artist CV’s.

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