1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE Hemi Article

This is the second in a series of articles on “Cars we have photographed and loved.”

In 1970, if you hankered for a luxurious muscle car built to your specifications, Dodge had a solution, the Challenger. Today, if you want a 70s muscle car that is rare (or even unique) and one that you can restore or upgrade, a Challenger can fulfill your dreams.

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Hraungerðiskirkja and Gate

This charming little church sits on a small hill overlooking Route 1, the Ring Road that encircles Iceland. The corrugated metal walls are quite common for country churches constructed after all the trees had been cut. As a photographer I knew about the beauty of Icelandic churches, but I was fascinated to learn about their history and architecture–always grand but never pretentious.

Lighthouse and tidal pool

The lighthouse is Stafnesviti (“viti” is Icelandic for “lighthouse”, so I suppose I’m being redundant. The lighthouse is certainly not redundant, given the number of shipwrecks along the west edge of the Reykjanes peninsula (redundant again because “nes” means peninsula). To continue my linguistic trend, I guess I should show a picture of the “big Rio Grande river”.